Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scrubbin in Scrubs….

On Tuesday, we visited the Dae Yung Luke Hospital. The team spilt into two groups, each cleaning a separate area of the hospital. One of the groups dressed up in scrubs and boots to clean the operating room while the other group scrubbed the floors in the radiology section. Becky also used her nursing skills in the triage unit taking endless blood pressures, temperatures, and weights (Dana and Jess helped too). We also toured the hospital and had the opportunity to pray with the patients in both the female and male wards. Later that day we headed to Christ Cares Ministry (CCM), which is an after school program run by many of the Malawians who had visited the US. CCM has 45 students from nearby villages who are committed to studying, completing their high school education, and loving Christ. We had a blast making salvation bracelets, performing the Do Not Touch skit, as well as creating a banner based on Psalm 139:14. The kids had an amazing time and so did we, our faces hurt from so much laughter and smiling.

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